Resources & Next Steps

For more information about managing network data and an introduction to the various network metrics used here, we recommend two Programming Historian tutorials:

Creating Network Diagrams from Historical Sources

Exploring and Analyzing Network Data with Python

If you have bipartite or bimodal network data (a network that includes 2 kinds of entities, like one of authors and their books), you will need to project your data before you use Network Navigator. There is a quick tool for transforming your data here:

The Project Project

Once you've explored your network on our site, you may want to move to a more robust set of network analysis and visualization tools. We recommend the following:

NetworkX, a Python library

iGraph, an R library

Gephi, a desktop program

Cytoscape, a desktop program

D3 Force-Directed Graph, a JavaScript library with tools for network visualization

For general guidance on network analysis and Python cultural analytics approaches, we recommend Melanie Walsh's Introduction to Cultural Analytics & Python and John Ladd's EarlyPrint + Python.

Last Updated: April 2021